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Explain reverting to older translation


I was just translating a page that already had suggested translations. I thought an older translation was better than the current one, so I clicked on it and clicked 'revert to selected translation'. Then I filled in the 'explain your correction' box to elaborate on my choice and clicked 'save', but it wouldn't save my explanation! I suppose duolingo noticed that the translation didn't change between clicking 'revert' and filling in the explanation, thus refuses to accept any new info.

Am I doing something wrong? Because I'd like to explain my reasons for reverting to another translation :-) (And potentially stop a translation-war that keeps reverting translations A and B such that we get an endless stream of ABABABABABAB!)


EDIT: I managed to at least make it appear by adding some random characters, saving it, removing the random characters and adding the original explanation and saving again!

August 19, 2013



Yes, I'd like to be able to comment on a translation without having to edit it. Honestly, the 'translate the sentence' box and the 'comment on this sentence' box should be separate.

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I agree. I'd feel a lot better working collaboratively on a translation than adversarially.


Yep I agree, in one case I had researched some literary articles, and also asked my Italian boyfriend for some idiomatic grammar and somebody came and changed my translation to a word-for-word translation! I feel reverting without a comment could be kinda passive-aggressive so I didn't bother...


susiesull, word-for-word translations seem to be a big problem. Plenty of good translations are changed to poorer ones in just this way--it happens a lot in French, too. I'm sure duolingo is aware of this, but I have no idea how they can fix the problem. Myself, I don't fight it, and if I notice or am e-mailed about such a change I just let it go. (Maybe that's laziness on my part, but there it is.)


I usually go back and fix it, but I don't use revert, I just paste the good one in so I can add a comment saying "I think x's version is better because ...".


You're a better person than I am. I don't like correcting other people's translations, anyway, and I don't want to get bogged down in a discussion where we two translators (I and the person whose translation I changed) don't really know much about the subj., anyway, Or maybe it's just laziness on my part, as I said,


I have had issues with this as well.


I've had the same problem.


I would like this too -and I do the same as you to add a comment, but I just delete the full stop then replace it! Note: this does not remove the upvotes of the older translation.


They must now be experimenting with a new system (tested on some users). It now shows the name of the person who wrote the text I reverted to, which is great! I'm hoping it is now possible to make a comment when you revert to an older text, but I don't want to change anything yet to try it :)


Hmm, nope: I still can't leave a comment when I revert to a translation (mine or someone else's). If I do this now it's even worse: it looks like the person who did the older translation tried to change it back to theirs, then I immediately "edit" it to the same sentence and add a comment. I still have to go through the random edits like deleting a full stop, saving it and then putting it back.

My suggestion is: If I revert to a translation, a heading appears of "Edit by thoughtdiva. Reverted to (person's name)". Ideally you would have a separate comment box, as mrmandias suggests, which would solve many problems. But at least allow me to save a comment so that it says "Comment by thoughtdiva: blah blah blah". If this is too difficult technically, I guess I can live with the old system (which is better than the current one)!

Thanks for all your hard work, Duolingo -I know it must be difficult sorting all of this out! I understand I am probably one of the guinea pigs for testing the new feature: please consider this my humble feedback!


After you added the characters and then removed them, did it credit you with the translation, or the original translator? (Well, actually, I think it might credit the person who clicked on "revert" anyway)

Edit: I see from earlier comments that they are now giving credit to whoever wrote the original.


Yes, but I'm not sure whether this is just for a random sample of users to test it as a new feature. I guess we will know if someone reports that they DON'T have this feature.

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