"O computador pede uma senha que eu não conheço."

Translation:The computer asks for a password that I do not know.

August 19, 2013



This one made me think about the difference between "pedir" and "perguntar". It seems that "perguntar" is to ask a question and "pedir" is to ask for something.

August 19, 2013


you're right. Perguntar is related to question (for "to ask a question" we say "fazer uma pergunta")and "pedir" to ask for things.

August 19, 2013


I always think of it as if "pedir" is "to request" and "perguntar" is "to ask", but then I guess these two are pretty close in meaning in English anyway so that may not help as much as your distinction.

August 19, 2013


I said “is asking” rather than “asks” because that is how I would say it in English. I was marked wrong. Help please!

January 14, 2019
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