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There is a duoling hack that kids can do, all they have to do is turn there wifi off and skip. They can also just type anything in. You have to make sure you monitor your students when you are having duolingo for a grade.

P.S. If you do not believe me try it for yourself.

February 24, 2015


We really believe that if you're doing this you're not in the spirit of learning on Duolingo. This is understandably a concern for a teacher. Going to see what we can do on our side to prevent this type of cheating. You will not learn a language or anything by cheating :)

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure that if you had a language learning class using duoling that the students aren't hacking it.

I dont really think that hack is the correct term, it's more of an exploit, hacking would be more breaking the websites security and changing stuff. If they chose to do that they wont learn the language and most likey fail the class. Jokes on them!

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    Great point! However, many people do not know how to do this yet, but if they read the forums they can. I would delete this discussion, and if you are a student, just let your teacher know if you see any other students doing this, and if you are a teacher, make sure your students understand (without telling them how to) that cheating on Duolingo is still cheating, and there will be consequences. have a great day!

    But what if others do know then other teachers should be able to know so they can make sure they're students aren't hacking.

    I would imagine that will become apparent at test time.

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      Just let your teacher know that you know that there is a way to cheat on Duolingo lEt her know of the issue, and I am sure she will be understanding, and keep a watch on anyone trying to do that.

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        Whoops! Sorry! I would just let your kids know that cheating on Duolingo will have consequences, let other teachers who use Duolingo know about the hack, and keep a close watch on your class.

        Yes. Needs to be fixed

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