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  5. "Hvad laver de ?"

"Hvad laver de ?"

Translation:What are they doing?

February 24, 2015



Is it normal to offset question marks with a space in Danish? Danish Wikipedia doesn't seem to do it: https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%B8rgsm%C3%A5lstegn

(I found out recently that this is the rule in French—if not for that, I would have assumed it was a typo or due to some technical restriction.)


    This isn't the normal way of writing it. The space was probably just a typo by whoever wrote the sentence, which is easily done based on the interface that's used to create new sentences.


    The turtle audio seems to mispronounce the "laver", more like "lauer".


    Isn't that the way how we really pronounce "laver"? I checked it here: http://da.forvo.com/word/laver/#da


    That pronunciation sounded different from the one here. The turtle audio rhymed with "tower"


    if you're from west Jylland, it does rhyme with tower


    Is there a reason why "what are they cooking" wouldn't be accepted?


    Yes, cooking = "lave mad" (making food)


    I'm really disappointed about this skill! Many sentences do not even involve relative pronouns (like this one)! And many others refer to "hvis" and "hvad" which is quite easy because they are identical to English "whose" resp. "what". There should be more than one skill and there should be a big focus on the differences between "som" and "der". Fortunately there are other sites on the web that attend to these differences.

    And yes, in the hints section there is a huge mistake about the usage of "der"!

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