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  5. "Das ist Hamburg."

"Das ist Hamburg."

Translation:That is Hamburg.

August 19, 2013

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So what would "This is Hamburg" be? There being a distinct difference.


It would still be 'Das ist Hamburg'. Depending on the context, the demonstrative pronoun 'das' can mean both 'this' and 'that'.


The only translation was hamburg but I think it meant hamburger. I looked up hamburg and all I found is that it is a German city and museums - which would be very odd for us to learn about at this point in the lesson.


No, it's the city of Hamburg. The German for the sandwich is "der Hamburger".


So it is saying "That is Hamburg." as in the city? It seems odd that the city was mentioned randomly.


Hamburg is a well-known city. It doesn't seem at all random to me.


Yes, it's the city.


Ich bin Hamburger means im from Hamburg.


It is the travel lesson....


not at all i think knowing cities names even at this stage ist gut :3 one more word isn't big deal.. is it ?!


Of course it's not a big deal, or 'a deal' at all. I was simply confused due to the fact that at that point in the lesson I wasn't learning about the countries cities. Therefore I didn't understand why the city was placed in. To put it simply the teaching of the name of the city was random and irrelevant to the rest of the lesson. I wasn't saying that it is not good to learn about the cities. Learning about the culture and cities is very important and interesting to me but I would have preferred it if I hadn't lost a heart due to a simple misunderstanding on my part. It gets frustrating having to repeat lessons, and as always the less confusion the better.


That's good to know that other people share my frustrations. ^^ I thought about Hamburger too, but luckily switched to the right answer. Sometimes I lose my last heart on the last question.. repeating lessons is indeed not an enjoyable experience but I believe it really helps to get things remebered.


It is very relevant in a section about prepositions to learn some places to say you are from or going to.

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