"I need my book."

Translation:Jag behöver min bok.

February 24, 2015



why can't this be "Jag behöver sin bok"? (if "sin" means "my own")

February 24, 2015


You're on the right track, but sin is used for third person, min for first person singular. So sin means "his/her/its own", not "my own".

Here's a full list of reflexive possessive pronouns (common gender):

  • jag - min
  • du - din
  • han/hon/den/det - sin
  • vi - vår
  • ni - er
  • de - sin
February 24, 2015


Oh, thanks, I was comparing it to my language (moj/svoj (my/my own)) and since "svoj" starts with an "s" the same as "sin" I thought min and sin are interchangeable. My bad :)

February 24, 2015


I have been looking for a comparison chart on pronouns like this for a while, have a Lingot!

November 17, 2015
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