"He still writes letters to me."

Translation:Han skriver fortfarande brev till mig.

February 24, 2015

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What's the difference between fortfarande, än and ändå?


fortfarande = än = ännu: something that used to be true still holds, e.g.
He used to write letters to me and he still does.
Han brukade skriva brev till mig och han gör det fortfarande.

ändå: "despite what I just said", e.g.
It doesn't matter how much you pay. I still won't sell it to you.
Det spelar ingen roll hur mycket du betalar. Jag kommer ändå inte att sälja den till dig.

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Be careful when adding an "inte" though, since then the meanings of "fortfarande" and "än/ännu" differ.

Han skriver fortfarande inte brev till mig - He is still not writing letters to me
Han skriver inte brev till mig än - He is not yet writing letters to me


Very good point! I'm sure you're desperate for a lingot, so I will give you one :)!


"För" can't be used here?


As in för mig? Yes, but it would mean to write letters on your behalf.


Somehow I recollect there being a sentence "Pappa sjunger för sina barn" being translated as "Dad is singing to his children". Why does it work there but not here?


Why is it 'he writes still to me' should it not be 'han skriver till mig förförande' or ' han fortfarande skriver till mig' The correct word placement in this sentence sounds like a person learning the language got some words around the wrong way


Your first example would work, but the second one would not because of the V2 rule. Because the verb must come second, "han skriver fortfarande brev till mig" equates to "he still writes letters to me", while "han skriver brev till mig fortfarande" equates to "he writes letters to me still".


The fact that someone still actually writes a letter, should have an exclamation mark!!!!!!


Another where in English is still writes, but in swedish it's he writes still letters

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