"Esta árvore já deu bons frutos."

Translation:This tree already gave good fruits.

August 19, 2013

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In English it is more common to say that a tree "bears" fruits rather than "gives" fruits. For the sake of more natural sounding English I think that the answer "The tree already bore good fruits" should also be accepted.

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    Yeah, I used "bore" which can be the past of "bear", but it wasn't accepted, I'll go and try reporting this problem.


    When do we use "fruto" and when do we use "fruta"? Masculine and feminine fruits?


    So confusing!! :D

    The wikipedia article is a good resource too: [http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruto#Confus.C3.A3o_conceitual:.22Frutos.22.2C.22Frutas.22_e_.22Legumes.22]


    I think the tense is incorrect in the English translation.

    "Had diven" would be "tinha dado."

    "Já deu" can be translated by "has already given."

    Examples from linguee.com:

    "porque Jesus já deu a oferta da remissão de pecado e condenação." "for Jesus has already given the offering of the remission of sin and condemnation."

    "A química já deu à agricultura tudo o que podia no século 20" "Chemistry has already given agriculture all it could yield in the 20th century"

    "já que a pessoa responsável pelas empresas individuais já deu a autorização" "as the person responsible for the individual company codes has already given their approval"

    "que já deu provas de o quão bom pode ser" "who has already given proof of how good he can be"

    "Nosso Senhor já deu essa ordem por intermédio da Sua Bem-Aventurada Mãe." "for Our Lord has already given the command through His Blessed Mother."

    "e a empresa já deu provas do seu compromisso." "and the company has already given proof of its commitment."

    "A safra 2010 já deu os frutos" "The 2010 harvest has already given its fruits"

    "Creio que o Mike já deu uma resposta possível a essa questão." "I think that Mike has already given a possible answer to that question."


    In British English we need present perfect with "already" (accepted), although I know that's not always the case in AmE.

    The tree has given good fruit - fruit is uncountable in this context.


    this tree already produces good fruit---- a tree produces fruit it doesn't give fruit in England


    I agree; it produces or yields - it doesn't "give".


    When a tree gives fruits, should it not be "pe" instead of arvore?


    I got dinged for using "fruit" instead of "fruits" even though I've been taught that "fruit" is correct for both singular and plural in English.

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