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Didn't test out of any skills?

I did the entry test in Spanish to see my skill level. I think I only missed 2 answers. One because I left off an accent and the other because I forgot to add the article "a" in a sentence. I am almost fluent in Spanish but just need a little more practice. So because I missed those 2 it wants me to start with basic? Is that correct?

August 19, 2013



OK, now I am confused. It said I didn't test out of any skill trees and the owl had tears in it's eyes. However now when I go to the home page it says I have 2720 skill points and all of the skill trees are completed but the last one. Does this mean the initial message was wrong and I graded out of all the skill trees but the last one?


From what I see of your tree, It looks like you have the last section to do...

Interesting to me is that your tree is very different from mine. Duolingo does a lot of live testing. It's nice to see that they are still revamping the tree. But, that also means that I can't compare your tree to mine. Indeed, there isn't a section break on my tree anywhere near where your tree stops being golden.

Because the owl was crying, it sounds like you may have a bug. The Duolingo staff do peruse the discussion boards, but your complaint should probably go directly to Duolingo support which you can access through the "support" button on the left of your screen.

Welcome to Duolingo, I've learned a lot from the other fluent Spanish speakers who inhabit Duolingo.


I just took the entry test for German, and I had maybe four wrong answers, but at the end - just like topic starter - I got the sign "You didn't test any skill' and I have to start at beginners level. It seems like a bug to me, any suggestions what I can do now?


It sounds to me like you in fact did test out of nearly the whole tree, but there was a bug that displayed the wrong "splash screen" at the end, saying you failed instead of reporting what you tested out of.

So you got no end screens that said "You tested out of X skills" or "You have X words in your vocabulary"? Or a popup congratulating you on leveling up?

Thanks for pointing this out, we're looking into it!


I had a similar experience with the German test. I'm also not impressed with a website that purports to improve people's language skills and yet comes up with such a deficient example of English as " you didn't test out of any skill".


I got this same response yesterday after doing the placement test. Despite being a native English speaker, I can't understand this sentence. What is "test out"? Is that good or bad? In any case, it started me at the very first level, which doesn't seem appropriate since I got most of the placement questions correct. If it's any consolation, it's easy to blast through these early levels quickly.


I am English and have no idea what 'did not test out' means. It might suggest that there is a criteria and therefore a threshold to either meet or exceed but they is no indication of such a criteria. I infer that it must be the case that to 'test out' means to answer 100 percent correctly or fail completely. As the yanks would say - Really!? Is this suppose to be an incentive to learning?


"You didn't test out of any skills." did not come with a translation. I presume it is not German? It certainly is not English.


j,hukhzjuhg i POOPED


Please British English speakers report this phrase 'Didn't test out of any skills' which means nothing to us. I reported it as a bug.

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