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Spanish site dysfunctional on iPad mini/iPhone 4s

The app hasn't been working properly on the app for a few weeks now. Even after its recent update, this week, still the same. These are the problems ----punctuations/accents/vowels, no longer present -- I have to "press and hold" for mic --to practice phrases. Any help on what the issues could be and solutions?

3 years ago

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The "press and hold" is an A/B test. Here's why and how Duolingo uses A/B tests. How to discover your groups.

What do you mean that the accents are no longer present? Did you have a bar above the keyboard with the accented letters? That was an A/B test too. You can write the proper letters using your keyboard. Here's one article about it, and Apple surely has more. I also recommend turning on international keyboards so you have a Spanish keyboard. It makes the autocomplete less obnoxious and gives you easier access to ñ.

3 years ago