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"Vem vill inte ha en fungerande relation?"

Translation:Who does not want a working relationship?

February 25, 2015



Working relationship as in "a romantic relationship that's going well" or "relationship you develop at work"?


I would presume the former without context, but both work equally well as a translation of relation. But working, in this case, refers to fungerande, not to relation - i.e. the relationship is a healthy one.


I'm pretty certain it's nothing to do with one's job, since att fungera is to function, and att arbeta is to work (at a job).

I don't think "working relationship" is wrong here, but I think most English speakers would interpret this is a professional relationship. A less ambiguous translation would be a "functional relationship" and that's probably the natural way to say it in English. But of course this section is about participles, so maybe a "functioning relationship".

Is arbetande a word a Swede would use, anyone? Or would an adjective like professionell be the natural choice? I'm thinking of a working man, a working holiday, a working visa, and so on.


In the US "working relationship" is common. Professional is a totally different thing to me. It specifically means a relationship at work that is civil and has proper boundaries. Working relationship can mean any kind of relationship that goes well.


I agree. "Working relationship" feels like something of a fixed phrase to me, but I'm not sure if I can explain how I'd use it. I feel like it's the sort of thing you'd hear if someone was trying to convince you that two people (or groups) work closely and effectively. If someone described, say, a romantic relationship as a "working relationship" it'd feel like they were saying their relationship is reliable, but not necessarily that it is loving.


I know it's maybe not the exact same translation, but "a healthy relationship" sounds more natural to me!


DUOLINGO a tip: "doesn't" is always = to "does not" No reason to fail user for such a stupid reasons!

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