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Using duolingo in classroom

Anyone using duolingo in their classrooms? Would love tips to use since all my students will have chromebooks and was looking to integrate something fun for them to do but at the same time maybe be able to see what they are doing on the site. any suggestions? grazie!

August 19, 2013



We're interested in adding more features for teachers in the near future. We'll get in touch in the meantime to hear more about what you're interested in!


In the AMA Luis did on Reddit he said there would be features added for teachers before September. Not sure what the current timeline is.



You could always give a prize to the person who gets the most points outside of lessons?


True.. kids are always motivated by prizes!


I make them copy in a notebook each word and each sentence. They use red color for the second language and blue for native language. They practice 1 hr everyday.


They might not get a whole lot from that if they do it while watching TV or something. Are you there when they do it?


Yes, we are at school. And they have to do two extra lessons at home. :)


Grazie, that may be something to think about using!


I'd love to add this as part of my instruction. I can do it as enrichment or by participation points, but it would be cool to connect it to progress as well somehow. Here are my obstacles to this: 1) It is too easy to cheat by having someone do your work for you at home by giving them your password. 2) I'd like t view student progress but my school frowns on teachers "friending" students on Facebook (with good reason!) 3) the vocab doesn't align very well with my textbook, so I'll be pulling students off of their focus to work on other words.

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