How many correct answers to complete a task?

I have recently lost my first duolingo account and therefore I created a new account. (i lost password and the email does not exist anymore) :-(

Like with the account that i had before, I try to level up my dutch skills.

With the account I had before, it took 17 correct answers in a row without a single incorrect answer to complete one "lesson" in a level.

Now with my new account it only takes 7 answers to complete a lesson and therefore i level up much faster and I feel that i learn less from each level. (I am not talking about your Duolingo language level. With level i mean for example: "Pronouns")

Is there a reason for this?


3 years ago

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I believe it might be due to changes in the XP system. Although for me it requires more than 7 correct answers to finish a course. It is not very likely that a glitch will be only in your new account. Hopefully others can help more.

3 years ago
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