"That is hardly a good idea if one wants to become popular."

Translation:Det är knappast en bra idé om man vill bli populär.

February 25, 2015

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det är knappast en bra idé om man vill bli berömd. does berömd mean more famous than popular? or should this be accepted also?


You're on the right track. :)

  • berömd - famous - means a lot of people know about you
  • populär - popular - means a lot of people like you

So berömd shouldn't be accepted here - they don't really mean the same thing.


Yes, berömd means famous, not popular.


So berömd can man infamous, too? T.e., Astrid Lindgren är berömd och populär, men Kim Jong Ul är berömd men inte populär?


ökänd would be a better word if you want to point out that someone has negative fame.


Jag förstår - tack!


Why is "Det är" translate to "That is" instead of "It is" ?

And I'm having trouble with "This" and "That" in swedish :

"Den här"/"Denna"/"Det här"/"Detta" = this "Den där"/"Det där" = that

Right ?


You have all of those right, but bear in mind that just den/det can also mean "that" (and de can mean "those"). We usually add the där for emphasis.


So, if "den" can mean "that", can you make a difference like in english between "The red book" and "That red book" ?

"Den röda boken"/"Den röda boken", right ?


Exactly, hence the need for e.g. adding där for emphasis. Of course, you could also emphasise the word, as in DEN röda boken to make it clear that you mean "that".


Allright, thank you.

Glad you're here, there's no more much of helpers in this board ^^


What about using någon instead of man? Thank you.


någon is to man what "someone" or "anyone" is to "one".

So using någon here would sound like "... if someone/anyone wants to become popular", which isn't quite what the phrase says.

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