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Searching for Discussions

I have trouble finding new discussions for topics that I am interested in hearing about. I am always wanting to know what new things are taking place with duolingo, but when I search for key words the discussions that are pulled up are from random times. Like the first one I click on is from two months ago. I even tried clicking on the new tab then searching for my targeted discussion topics and I still get jumbled dates. I really feel searches should be organized from newest to oldest. Let me know what you guys think and if this is something you have noticed as well. Thanks in advance for your likes and comments!

August 19, 2013



Yeah I find that annoying too.When I search something I am interested in I open it it's from like 3 months ago.Yes I agree they should organize them from newest to oldest.There should even be a search bar for the oldest ones.And a search bar for the more newest ones.They should really do your idea it would be really helpful!


Yes, the results that come up are always jumbled and useless. Like 1kovacevicm1 said, there should be some kind of search bar to narrow the search.


They should do this don't you agree???


What they need, is a recently active tab for the discussions.. That way if you comment on something that's 3 months old, it will still be able to be seen by many people instead of ignored because nobody sees it..

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