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  5. "Which animal is blue?"

"Which animal is blue?"

Translation:Vilket djur är blått?

February 25, 2015



So which (vilket) and blue (blått) have to keep concordance with djur, an -et word, right?


@Zmrzlina I'm sorry,you seem to know your Swedish,can you explain to me what does -et/-en word mean? I seem to be going through Swedish without any info,for the most part i do well,but i don't understand that.


In Swedish there are two genders. All nouns have one of these genders. One is called neuter and one is called common. The neuter words are commonly called ett-words, because the indefinite article (like English ’a’) is ett for neuter words. Similarly, the words that belong to the common gender are called en-words.

Having a gender means that the surrounding words like adjectives, articles and pronouns have to ’agree’ with the noun, meaning they have to have the same form. E.g.

  • Vilken rolig liten bok! (’What a fun little book’; because bok is an en-word)
  • Vilket roligt litet spel! (’What a fun little game’; because spel is an ett-word)


Russian has the same feature like gender. And there are also 3 genders and it's easy to distinguish between the 3 because of the endings (female, male and middle) nevertheless, in Swedish that's a little bit tricky that you can't say what gender the word is by looking at the end of it... Except for those vilka är definite words.

P.s. (I Displaced some English words by swedish above because I like them more :D) P.s 2: you know what languages are the best and easy for understanding? Programming languages.. they are 100% logical.


Tack för svaret! However,what i would like to know is how does one know that bok is an en word,or that spel is an ett word ?

In my language,Croatian,you don't need to know the word to know the gender,it is defined the ending syllable.

For example -djevojčica(girl) is feminine because it ends with a,stablo(tree) is neuter because it ends with o.

So is there some rule like that to help me know which words are en-words and which are -ett words ? How do i know if a noun is neuter or common ?

And it is very helpful that you told me surrounding words have to ˝agree˝ . Tack så mycket!


There is no good way of knowing.

There is a tendency that living things are en-words, but there are also words like ett barn/djur/svin/lejon/får (a child/animal/swine/lion/sheep).

En-words also make up two thirds of the nouns or more, so I would guess on en if I didn’t know.

I recommend that you learn the gender everytime you learn a new noun.


Blått sounds pretty much like a russian word for a prostitute


Can't we say Vilka Djuren är blåa?

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