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Online / offline Swedish content (text, video, music) for beginners


Where can i find: 1) Some good Swedish movies, TV shows to watch or books or magazines to read; any online channels, or maybe a list of famous ones? 2) Bloggers, Youtubers, Comics etc that i can read from the web for basic level?

Thanks in advance!

February 25, 2015




1) I'm really into Swedish TV right now, so I have a good few recommendations. First and foremost, "The Bridge" (Bron in Swedish). This is a Nordic Noir crime drama that is...just...so good...I have no more words to describe it. The finale of Season 2 was so good I almost cried from my mind being so blown. It is available on Netflix :) Another good series is Äkta Människor ("Real people"). Unfortunately, it's not on Netflix (in Ireland at least), so you might have to find another site.

Other recommendations: Welcome to Sweden, anything from the SVT play app (SVT is the main Swedish TV channel) or just search "Swedish" on Netflix, Hulu, etc. and you should get some good results.

2) I don't know of any Swedish YouTubers (other than PewDiePie :P) and I don't know of any comics (other than Swedish translations of comics that exist/originated in English), but I do know of a good news site. It is that of Svenska Dagbladet, a (major?) Swedish newspaper. I always pick the printed version up when I'm in airports, but the website is really useful too :)


Thanks man! I watched the American version of the Bridge, it was awesome. I will watch the Swedish version now. I watched the trailer of Äkta Människor - it looks amazing! Tack så mycket!


OMG, finally someone else has mentioned Äkta Människor! I am so loving that show right now and am gutted that the season is over. I stumbled over it by pure accident when I left my tv on, then woke up later because the volume was too loud! As I stayed glued to the screen I just couldn't believe how much (in my limited knowledge of Swedish) I actually understood, even though the dialogue is quite fast. And the storylines will hook you too!


I have a few tips!

Some great Swedish movies: Vi är bäst, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Åmål, Cirkeln (it's a very new release and in theatres in Sweden right now - a very cool fantasy film based on a YA-trilogy), Gentlemen and I rymden finns inga känslor!

As far as TV-shows go, I consider "Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar" ("Never wipe tears without gloves") a must-see! It's a mini-series about the AIDS epidemic in Stockholm in the 80's and it's extremely well made. You should also check out Upp till kamp! and of course some Swedish crime shows like Beck and Wallander.

If you're looking for some music as well, I might have some tips! Depending on your taste, of course! :)


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Åmål is a great movie. I watched it in the early 2000's, one of the first movies I was able to find with Swedish audio.


www.swefilmer.com is my favorite :) You have to sign up, but it's free and it only takes a few seconds

Easy news for beginners http://www.sesam.nu/om-sesam and http://8sidor.se/

Also, podcasts from iTunes! (no ipod or iphone needed). Change the country to Sweden and browse their free podcasts on a variety of topics!


Tack! Great resources! When i'm reading sesam.nu I'm using Mac OS X swedish dictionary, helps a lot!


Any podcast suggestions?

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