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  5. "Você joga como ele."

"Você joga como ele."

Translation:You play as him.

August 19, 2013



You play as him. You play like him.

Two different meanings. :/


Hey adamtrousers! Yes, it is a little strange. But you play like him is the closest translation, in my opinion. =]


And the correct one.


Considering "You play as he does" is equivalent to "You play like him", I wonder whether "You play as him", which I concur means something else, is just a mistranslation of "Você joga como ele".


The sentence seems a bit odd, is this a normal expression?


It's normal, but do not mistake this "como" preposition with that "(eu) como" verb.

I believe a better translation would be "You play like him", in a free translation, not sticking to words, it means "You play the same way he does".


Yes, and you play like him is accepted. It is the most accurate translation. Note that this would not apply to instruments... it could be referring to a sport or a game. =]


I imagine a widow is playing tennis with the brother of her deceased husband.


your brazilian correct ? so this seems more natural to you as "you play LIKE him" rather than 'as' ?? so I know which direction to go in for further translations. also how would you say "you play like him" in the aspect of an opera ,play, or instrument ?


Good explanation danmoller. [Como (verb) = "(I) eat"; Como (preposition) = "as"]


I agree. I am finding a lot of the sentences in this lesson are just words strung together in a technically correct way, but not something anyone would actually say. It would be really helpful if they would start throwing in a few idioms (and noting them) so that we know when we're learning a useful expression as opposed to a silly sentence.


Doesn't make sense in english


It makes sense in English; You just aren't aware of it.

The only thing that can be taken issue with, is the fact we say "him" when technically we should say "he".


I think você joga que nem ele is the most common here. Brazilian doesn't speaks exactly they are teaching here 0/ hue


Mine was a multiple choice and the only possible answer in English is absolutely incorrect English: You play as him. Never correct under any circumstances.


Actually I found a circumstance!! If you were playing costume tennis where everyone dressed up as Sonny and Cher and you were dressed up as Sonny, your friend would say: You play as him. "As" here means "as if you were"


"Você joga como ele" can be used to express that the person plays as someone, for example in a play, game, or movie, and also to express that the person is similar in style to someone in whatever activity it is they are engaged in?


For your second guess, I think "agir" and "atuar" are better choices.


I think it English it should be "You play like he" because it's short for "You play like he does".


except we don't ever shorten that phrase that way. "Him" is correct and "like him" means "similar to the way he plays" ("as him" would mean "in place of him," e.g., "you take his playing piece/avatar and take his turn for him while he's in the bathroom").


'As him' is incorrect. 'As' is a conjuction, unlike the preposition 'like', which is very often used as a conjunction (it is debateable, if this is correct use). Therefore it should be 'as he', since the 'he' replaces the subject 'you' and so is also subject. Do not be fooled by the English you might often hear (on tv at least), which makes numerous mistakes like this.


I disagree. although you play like him is common parlance, the gramatically correct expression would be you play like he (does). And the use of like does not necessitate use of the object pronoun.


Nope. Sorry. It's a grammar rule. I am quite sure you will never say, "You play like I" or "You play like we". If you are not convinced, google it or check out these pages. http://www.grammar.cl/Notes/Like_vs_As.htm http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/like-versus-as http://cliffordgarstang.com/?p=3831 http://alt-usage-english.org/excerpts/fxlikevs.html


I understood it as "você joga com ele". which would make more sense


Why so?

"Você joga com ele" and "Você joga como ele" have two different meanings.


You play as much as him?


= você joga tanto quanto ele.


How about "You throw like him"


"You play as him" is poor English. The following translations are better: "You play like him" or "You play as he does".


That's not true at all.

'You play as him' and 'you play like him/you play as he does' have entirely different meanings in English, and both are perfectly acceptable sentences depending on what you mean to say.

The only thing that can be taken issue with, is the fact we say "him" when technically we should say "he".


How do you say: You play with him?


Você joga com ele.


Obrigada, Paulenrique! Have a lingot.

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