"What does "a lecture" mean?"

Translation:Vad betyder "en föreläsning"?

February 25, 2015


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Ironic, since "föreläsning" is a word I keep forgetting...

February 25, 2015


What's the difference between "betyder" and "menar"?

May 5, 2015


betyder is 'to have a certain meaning'. Like, this word means that. Also used in 'he means a lot to me'-contexts.
menar is like 'refers to', 'has in mind'. Like in Vad menar du? 'What do you mean?'

May 5, 2015


why does it not accept en lektion?

February 26, 2015


Because that means a lesson.

February 26, 2015


This should've been marked as a typo.


PS. I'm aware that you shouldn't report mistakes in the comment section, but some guy in another comment section said that one should post a picture if this happens as proof. Please tell me, if they were wrong. I'll delete this comment.

January 7, 2017


We get loads of error reports for this sentence - rightly so, because Duolingo unfortunately keeps screwing people's quotation marks up. For this reason, we'll be removing it from the next version, but for now, I'm afraid we'll have to live with some inconsistent marking in this lesson.

August 25, 2018
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