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German: Glich in microphone

Every now and then the microphone in the German course fails to mark my speech. I press the play button, speak with the blue circle moving up and down and press stop. However, it fails to mark me right or wrong, no matter how many times I try. This means I have to turn the microphone off to skip the question or restart the topic.

Is anyone else having this problem?

February 25, 2015



I've had this problem several times too, I end up skipping it and it'll work until I redo another section. Even speaking slowly didn't seem to work.


I'm definitely having problems with being understood by the mic. It is more often than not, but I have just started the program and suspect it's my hardware or my speaking skills. If I can't get past it, I skip and try again next time.


It's not so much that I can't be understood. The mic picks up the speech but doesn't mark it write or wrong and therefore I can't skip the question

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