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Keeping the skills

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure if that's the right place to start the discussion but I'll try. I'll be on a trip for a couple of weeks and so I won't have any access to the Internet. As a result, I won't be able to keep up with strengthening skills. Is there any possibility to 'freeze' my progress and keep it unchanged for some time? I tried deactivating my account but this doesn't work.

If there is no such thing, I believe that it would be a nice feature to have. The point is that if you have several courses (as I do for example) and leave them for a couple of days, the amount of skills to strengthen is quite overwhelming. Especially if you get another while working on the old ones which may spoil the fun a little (to use an euphemism)

Thank you for your answers Tomek

February 25, 2015



There isn't such a feature unfortunately. However, this is an accurate reflection of what in fact does happen when you take a break. The weakest things slip, and you get rusty.

But there's more to life than streaks and language progress. Go have a great, great trip and reconnect when you get back.


I'll remember this, it's so true.

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