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What is the difference between friends and followers/following?

I have always noticed that when you check out people's profiles, they have one to sometimes three sections of people. Friends, followers, or following. I am confused about why there are three? Can someone please explain?

August 19, 2013



followers are those who chose you as their friend, friends are those you chose to follow :D.

And I think "following" is only used in the stream, as in "x started following y", which means x chose y as his/her friend :).


Well I always thought it like this: Let's say our person is Mr. Golden Pancake, he is following 67509 people. He has only 12 followers and he is friends with 4 people. (The people who he friended and friended him back). That's how I would organize it but on Duolingo, if you friend someone, you are following them and if they friend you, they are following you.


Ok thanks! Nice example name ... XD

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