100 Days!

It was 100 days ago today that I first downloaded the Duolingo app to learn Swedish, discovered it wasn't on the app yet, and so decided to learn German instead.

Don't get me wrong I did it in high school from like 2003-2007 but I had none left in my brain...

Anyway now I've got all you guys to discuss German with, and all these incredible resources on my smartphone, on YouTube, that weren't really there in the early 2000s.

Nun werde ich für ein weitere hundert Tage studieren!*

*probably not quite correct...!

February 25, 2015


Congratulations! 5 more days to my first anniversary :D

February 26, 2015

Did you complete the German tree?

I should have by now, but i'm practicing just a little per day on the last couple months and i usually redo the skills that i've already done instead of taking new lessons (some days when i don't have any time at all i just do the first lesson again so i won't lose the streak :s), but that is mostly because i'm also on a presential course on my Uni (going to start the second semester next week :D), Duolingo helped me a lot last semester, i passed with a 95/100 xD

You should keep sticking with it i think, it is not easy to keep such a long streak. I am juz wondering what will you do if you have completed the Tree? Seems that sticking too long with the same exercise could not improve much on ur language skill. May be doing the translate work in the Immersion session would help when you reach that level. I dun know...LOL

Well, after i finish the Tree i'd like to make it golden again, when i started on Duolingo everything should be golden, and i miss that feeling hahaha

About the immersion, yeah, i'v been there a couple of times, just reading the articles in my head and checking to see if i got it right, but i never did any translations myself because i always get the feel that i could ❤❤❤❤ someone's translation job up lol

On college though, we have dictates, listenign/conversation exercises, dialogs and essays to make, so that's <sub>kinda</sub> why i let Duolingo on the background for a while, i've been practicing more during the german classes i take in there

Congratulations for sticking with it. Here's a Lingot for your dedication.

Congratulations! (I just started German so I can't say that in German yet) ;)

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! I am aiming at completing 100 days too. So, I always love it when I see someone who has done it. Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations !! Keep it up

    Congrats! Keep it up!

    Congratulations! It's great knowing there is a community for everyone out there :)

    Wow!!! Inspiring. Thanks for posting and keeping us motivated. Keep up the great work!!!!

    Cool! I was also in High School from 2003-2007 but only took 2 years of German. I'm surprised at how much I remember so far.

    Congrats!!!!! 10 lingots more for you :))

    Now I see why people use downvoting (after reading some comments in the forum about education), they think there are lots of kids spamming or just asking for lingots. Perhaps, thanks to Duolingo, kids will show us that they can learn the languages, from all the world, in all the cultures, faster than the most of us. Surely, I will receive that moment with a big smile! Good luck and big hugs to all Duofriends!!! =))

    wow you are awesome guys

    my anniversary Is coming up I am so very excited


    It is one of the highlights of my day. For real! Not sure what that says about me. I am even sort of worried about later this year, when I have to travel, and might somehow mess up my streak in transit when I cannot connect to the internet. . .

    Das ist toll freundin

    Congratulations! I'm hoping to hit 100 days at some point. I recently missed what would have been my 16th day, but I'm back at it. :)

    Glückwünsche und viel Spaß beim weiteren Lernen!

    Well done Sunsloth, it seems we must have joined Duolingo around the same time! I have four days to go before i hit my One Hundred day milestone.

    Machen Sie weiter so gute Arbeit.

    Congratulations, sunsloth! Deutsch macht Spaß, ja?

    Ja, macht macht Spaß.

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