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  5. "Husets design"

"Husets design"

Translation:The design of the house

February 25, 2015



The way the TTS says " design " is so funny


That’s how we pronounce it! :)


Except for maybe the 's' sound, it sounds exactly like the English word to me...


This is one of those unique words Swedish borrows from other languages ... like "en guide". The "i" is pronounced very close to the English long "i" in both cases.


You can also try to pronounce formgivning which means the same.


As a non-native speaker, it sounds really funny to me . I remember when some guy wanted to learn romanian and he just bursted out laughing when I told him how to pronounce certain words .


How ironic, the Vikings invaded England and had an imprint on the language, but today, it seems the other way round.


If the Swedish is "design" instead of "designen", why does the translation in English say "THE design"?


You can't have a definite after a possessor, just like you can't say "the house's the design" in English either.


So I heard, at first, 'Here sits de sign.' It sounded like a Dutch accent speaking English.


As a native English speaker, I feel like "the house design" should be an acceptable answer.


That would be husdesignen in Swedish.


Tack. So, "husdesign" refers to the process of an architect in designing a house. "husdesignen" refers to the definite version - the house design. I can understand a subtle difference here ( I guess that makes it Swedish in how specific it is ). In English, I would use these interchangeably. "The house design", "The design of the house", and "The house's design"


Actually, I've given it some thought and I think you make a good point. I'd use those interchangeably as well, even though they technically correspond to other Swedish words. And if I needed to say husdesignen, I would be likely to choose an entirely different sentence construction instead.


I think the house design is OK and I've added it now. At the moment, this construction is an accepted answer in some similar cases, but far from everywhere. We have to add every accepted translation manually, so feel free to report them where they're missing by using the Report an error button, but also be prepared that it might not yet be an accepted answer in many (most) cases.

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