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Certification and/or Badge?

Do you plan to setup certifications and/or badges for professional social network (like LinkedIn or websites? )

It could be a nice feature!

December 4, 2012



Yes, we do plan to do this.


Please let it be: Mozilla Open Badges.


Hi, Luis! Is this still in place? With Lynda having been taken over by LinkedIn, it may be tricky to still do it. Although a badge profile / link to be accessed by employers would be nice (independent by the profile, visible only by those who choose so).


Any light about the subject?


BUMP... that was 11 months ago. Any plans to make us able to place our hard earned certificates (I'm still training for them myself) and/ or badges on Linkedin or other professional social networks?. If I ever get a certificate, I would love to show them to my professional contacts :)


Is there any update on this?


I've seen people post their Duolingo proficiency scores on Linkedin. You could take a screenshot of the certificate itself, save that as a JPEG or PNG and post that on your profiles.

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