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  5. "Jag älskar jackan."

"Jag älskar jackan."

Translation:I love the jacket.

February 25, 2015



i am wondering if native swedish speakers use "love" in this sens of "really like a lot"?


Yep. It can have a strong liking or a romantic meaning, depending on context.


I love the jacket romantically :D


What is the difference in using "the jacket" as opposed to "this jacket"?


the jacket is jackan and this jacket is den här jackan or denna jacka. The first is the definite form, which means that both the speaker and the listener knows which object you are talking about. The second is a demonstrative, which is used to 'point' to something close to the speaker.


I still don't understand why some words end in -an instead of -en. Here is "jackan" as an example...


Words that end in -a normally get -an. en klocka, klockan, en flicka, flickan and so on.


I can't understand why jackan is "jacket" and jacka is the same ..... how can I know wich one is right when I need to use it!


en jacka is 'a jacket'
jackan is 'the jacket'.
Try reading the notes at the start of the lessons if you can access them.


Oh that's why! I'm practicing from my phone and I can't see the notes! :/ thank you so much!


Had the same problem! Recently found out that one can see the notes on the desktop version of the page in the mobile browser as well.

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