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"What is the temperature? I think that it is too hot."

Translation:Cad é an teocht? Ceapaim go bhfuil sé ró-the.

February 25, 2015



According to the following (from Cruinnscríobh), ró-the is incorrect. Ró- Leanann séimhiú an réimír seo. Ní athraítear na gutaí, áfach. Scríobhaimid fleiscín (-) idir ró- agus guta de ghnáth, ach ní scríobhtar fleiscín idir ró- agus aidiacht a thosaíonn le consan.


Out of curiosity, is there any difference between saying 'Ceapaim go bhfuil...' and 'Sílim go bhfuil...'? Both mean 'I think', don't they?


Why does "too hot" become "róthe" and not "ró-te" or "ró-the" like in previous lessons?


In the standard it is róthe. only adds a hyphen if the next word (after lenition) stars with a vowel. e.g. ró-fhada


I also don't really understand "bhfuil". Is this some sort of infinitive or subjunctive form of "to be"?


The bhfuil is because of go. It's what's called "reported speech", and is used to introduce a clause.


Thanks. In my experience "reported speech" invokes some kind of subjunctive form.


It's not a subjunctive, it's a form known as the dependent, the form of the verb used after verbal particles.


Makes sense. I study German which uses one of its subjunctive forms for reported speech. Glad to be aware that Irish is different.


Teocht is feminine. It should be cad í an teocht, no?

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