Thank you Duolingo for offering Irish as a course! I just found out that the school I teach at that is geared towards the Arts will be offering Irish as a language course and Irish Step Dancing courses. I will literally be learning right alongside my students!

February 26, 2015


Lucky you! Enjoy the experience!! :) I adore Irish! ^_^

Thanks! I heard it's really hard, but I think of it as my kids and I being one giant study group...maybe we can help each other out!

Well it is a Celtic language and most people( in the USA at least) speak a Germanic or Romance language! But do not be discouraged! Simply gorgeous language to know! :)

How come every time I try to learn Irish with this app, pretty much 99% of the time it won't read the words back to me. I even tried google translate and it wouldn't offer any verbal pronunciation. So i have NO idea how to pronounce any of the words :/

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