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  5. "We were born in Limerick."

"We were born in Limerick."

Translation:Rugadh i Luimneach muid.

February 26, 2015



No. 'born' uses the past autonomous. It's more like 'Someone birthed us in Limerick'


Annoyingly, 'Rugamar' was given as the only mouseover suggestion. I have reported it.


'I was born'. It's the passive voice in English as well. 'My mother bore me' is the less-used active voice!


This is the first time in all my study of Irish that I have seen the pronoun follow the prepositional phrase. I wonder what will happen when Duolingo gives me the Bearla to translate and I put the pronoun back where I always tend to see it? What difference does it make in actual usage, mar tá blas fileatas aige?


It appears that "Rugadh muid i Luimneach" is acceptible. But the mention by galaxyrocker that it is the autonomous form now makes sense. Beir/rug haven't been given much coverage in Duolingo so my familiarity was weak. In some conversation oriented textbooks, you are taught to tell where you were born but the grammar comes much later. Bainim craic mór as!


rugadh orainn i luimneach? I'm sure this is how I learned it, and sure enough a google search throws up a song called "rugadh orm i gcorcaigh".


Tá an ábhar seo an-suimiúil. Perhaps a dialectical variation in Munster?


beir means "to bear", as in "give birth to".

When you add the preposition ar, beir ar means to catch or take hold of.
rugadh orainn i luimneach - "we were caught in Limerick".


Why is rugadh muid i Luimneach correct but Rugadh í i gCorcaigh is incorrect? Correct answer was Rugadh i gCorcaigh í.


That would be Rugadh sí i gCorcaigh "She was born in Cork". "She" is grammatically the subject here, so you have to use instead of í

[deactivated user]

    "she" is not the grammatical subject of "She was born in Cork" - "she" didn't do the bearing, it was done to her! The sentence is in the "passive voice" - the actor is not identified.

    Rugadh is the saorbhriathar, it doesn't have a subject. The correct construction in Irish is Rugadh i gCorcaigh í.

    The correct answer for this exercise is rugadh i Luimneach muid, though it appears that rugadh muid i luimneach has been added as an alternative answer.


    Well, being born really hapened to me in Limerick!

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