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  5. "Who pays?"

"Who pays?"

Translation:Cé a íocann?

February 26, 2015



This may have been covered elsewhere, but what's the function of a here? I realise it's the same a that occurs with atá... is it just for question formation?


With and other question words there's an implied copula, thus you need the relative clause, marked with a.

A more literally translation of this is "Who is it that pays?"


ah interesting, thanks for this. Do you happen to know of a page that explains the analysis/questions in irish in more detail?


Can you access (perusing this) from a nocia phone


Yes, that link works in the web browser on a Nokia phone.

It probably doesn't work in the Duolingo App on a phone, because Duolingo chose not to support links in the various different Duolingo mobile apps.

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