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Problem with one skill?

I've strengthened the same skill several times a day for several days (in case it was just very weak) but it never registers as being gold. I can get a perfect twenty on the timed practice and could probably rattle off every phrase in the section (it's only one unit and good practice, but still...).

Is there anything that I can do for this? I know it isn't a big deal but it's so annoying to have it remain "weak" when all the ones surrounding it are gold.

February 26, 2015



My personal experience has shown me that timed practice doesn't usually keep the skill strong for long. I always strengthen skills without a timer and they tend to stay golden longer.


I've done it both ways, mostly out of vexation. The problem is, won't turn gold at all, for any length of time.

[deactivated user]

    I have the same problem with Passive Participles in my Swedish tree. 4/5 strength, and when I go to strengthen it, it stays rusty.

    I've reported it to Duo (other people have this problem as well). I've heard it can be "fixed" by strengthening the skill from another device.


    Oh, hmm. Thanks! I might see about reporting it as well, if it's a common-ish issue (that's the same skill refusing to strengthen for me, actually). I don't usually use Duo from my phone because autocorrect is impossible but I might give it a try to do this: thanks for the tip.

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