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feedback during timed practice

[deactivated user]

    Frequently during timed practice I stumble across odd features in the suggested sentences, or even plain mistakes. Sometimes the mistake is obvious and I quickly manage to type something into the feedback box, or scribble something onto the discussion page. But more often than not, the timer runs out and I'm denied the possibility to give feedback, which is very frustrating, and it's also a waste of potentially useful feedback or at least a discussion from which one could learn something.

    So PLEASE PLEASE pause the timer, I could imagine doing it in one of the following two ways:

    x Automatically pause the timer while feedback or discussion frames are open.

    x Automatically pause the timer once an answer has been given and before the next task is displayed.

    I know you're a small team and you're all super busy, but to me it seems like a relatively easy to do change with a lot of benefits.

    August 20, 2013



    We really appreciate feedback on sentences. Not sure when we can implement a way to give feedback on timed practice, but I'll make sure that it's brought to the rest of the team. Thanks!


    Ideally we could review all the timed practice questions and our responses after the whole thing is done. That way there'd be no interruption to the timing at first, but we'd still have a chance to figure out what we'd done wrong and think about our mistakes at leisure afterward.

    [deactivated user]

      The problem is not that one cannot give feedback, the problem is that the timer keeps running and one is kicked out after a few seconds. Stopping the timer between giving an answer and getting the next question would fix it immediately.


      Good to see that someone already did this feedback!

      I find it would be a really great improvement. And I think that Zoe_MM's solution would be the best or, if not possible, the second one of kilian6581.

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