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English and Spanish at the same time

Hey guys, My GF encountered a problem about having 2 languages at the same time in her profile. She did English with the language of instruction being French and added also Spanish where, though, language of instruction is English. Now, since she added the Spanish, English got removed, but if she chooses it back again, everything recovers, but, on the contrary, Spanish disappears from her profile. Any ideas as to how to fix that? I'm doing both French and started German and I have both of them in my profile and I can easily switch between them without the need to add the language I want each time. Have you had a similar problem, do you happen to know where the problem might be? Thank you

February 26, 2015



There is no fix for that. You do not lose the progress on your but it is not displayed in the switch menu.

I have that problem with my reverse tree. After completed Spanish from English, I did English from Spanish as well. Well, whenever when you switch base languages you will have to go though of adding new language experience once more. It is pretty annoying. I wished it showed all my languages in the flag menu.


Yeah, I'm doing Spanish-English both ways, to learn Spanish. But so far the only way to change, that I found, is to switch the learning language from "I'm learning English (I know Spanish)" to "I'm learning Spanish (I know English)", or the other way round. Curiously, when I have the Spanish interface, I have all the discussion Iists I entered, but when I have the English interface I'm don't get the English for Spanish. (I guess that's caused by the Spanish interface inheriting the selections from the English interface when I selected that direction, but it's still odd.)


That is one way to change. Another more common way is to use the flag menu next to your profile picture on toobar at the top of this page. Click on the flag and select "Add an new course" (or whatever the equivalent happens to be in the current language you are working) and choose a new course. If the course base language is different you will have to change "I speak" choice first and select the target lang. next.


OK, I guess that's one click shorter, but it requires selecting what I don't want to do: "Add a new course". I don't want to add yet another course; I just want to switch courses. Thank you for reminding me how I did it the first time, and indeed that still is an alternative, but the point was that the different language interfaces are largely separate. You'd think there'd be a single interface that would simply switch to the from language associated with the selected course. But instead, each from language apparently has its own interface.

Possibly related to that is that in the Spanish interface I can't get my XP to show. I just get a level medal. Then again, it may be that that's somehow related to having only one to language for Spanish, whereas for English I have three.


No, it seems that you see the XP only on the (Android) app, not on the web version (only levels there indeed), at least not in the Dutch, French, German or Spanish interface (disregarding you have 1 or more learning languages from that interface), with one exception : the English interface, where you see not only the amount of XP for each learning language, but also the remaining XP before you reach the next level. But i'm not sure if this English interface is an A/B test or not...

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