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  5. "Eu sou o pesquisador chefe."

"Eu sou o pesquisador chefe."

Translation:I am the senior researcher.

August 20, 2013



Although i can llive with "chief researcher" as a translation in this test the better translation is, i think, "principal investigator"


Edit: "principal investigator" (english) matches "pesquisador chefe"(portuguese).

Be careful, in Portuguese there is a "investigador", but it's different from "pesquisador".

Pesquisador is researcher in the science, engineering, history and all sorts of academic fields.

Investigador is the one who goes after clues to find out something about somebody, or a criminal investigator.


And there is more:

Chefe means he is the boss, he gives orders to the others. Top of the pyramid.
Principal means "main". The most important, the one who contributes more.


I think Fonseman's translation sums up what you are describing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principal_investigator.


Thank you, Davu.

Somehow I was thinking about portuguese "Investigador principal", which is different from english "principal investigator".

You are right, and the description in your link matches "pesquisador chefe."


"Principal investigator" is certainly a good translation, but perhaps a little bit tied to the world of universities and research grants - I tried "senior researcher", which is more general, and was accepted.


"Head researcher" is the best translation and is accepted.


Among scientists, "head researcher" is used less often than other phrases such as principal investigator, senior scientist, project director, head of research and others, depending on the context.


it didn't accept 'researcher boss' :(


It happend with me also...:'(


Seems to me that "researcher boss" means he is a boss and a researcher, but not the leader of a team of researchers. Am I right?


You are right and thanks!


As a native English speaker, a researcher and (at times) a boss, I have to say I have never heard the phrase "researcher boss" used. Possibly "boss researcher", but only as a joke. Other translations discussed here would be more useful for a Portuguese speaker to learn.


Honestly, I was asking myself "what the hell is a research boss"


I wrote "chief inspector". Seen too many British crime dramas lately maybe


Now that is "inspetor chefe" or "investigador chefe".

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