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  5. "It is at dawn"

"It is at dawn"

Translation:É na madrugada

August 20, 2013



In the last exercise I did it did not accept "na" and said it should be "de". This time I put "de" and it said no, it has to be "na". I am pretty sure the English sentence was the same both times, or did I miss something? I am reporting it, but was curious if others had the same problem or if I missed some small difference?


you're right to report. Although you may hear both, "de madrugada" is by far much more common! You may see, for instance, "na madrugada" in "na madrugada de sexta para sábado"


Thanks so much, it's good to know that de is more common!


Why not "E a madrugada"?


It means "it is the dawn".

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