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  5. "Noi beviamo il latte."

"Noi beviamo il latte."

Translation:We drink milk.

August 20, 2013



I'm certain the "il" isn't pronounced in the normal-speed recording. It's impossible to distinguish.


I assure you that the speed is right for the an italian "ear", indeed i heard it well. ;-)))


I think it is there but is only barely emphasized because the vowel sounds bleed together as do the two /l/ sounds. I think the point for us language learners is to know that it is properly there before we learn to speed up the words and de-emphasize the individual phonemes. It's tough, but I think it'll pay off in the long run. :-/


I'm not really an expert at Italian, but you defenitly can hear the 'il', the thing I'm suprised about is the fact that you don't have to translate it.


I used to listen italians series or tv shows by youtube to understand clearly the pronunciations from natives.


I agree! I absolutely did not hear it, even after many repetitions!


Yes, this gets me every time too .


Wouldnt it be "the milk" i got another question wrong when it had "il" and i didnt say "the"


Latte means coffe with a lot of milk in UK. I know it means just milk in Italian but it's super confusing.


It should be 'we drink the milk' should it not? That would be the exact translation and it is good English as well


I said it right and i keeps telling me no!! I even emphasized every word


If i said "Beviamo latte" would i be wrong?


No, you must add the "il" before "latte"


Why is latte not la latte? How come this is male


because it's male. Italians never say "la latte", is super wrong


I think you will definitely need this sentence because when ur italian friend is calling and asking what ur doing ur probably drinkin milk with others


I've seen this a couple of times now. Also on "La ragazza mangia il pane". Why is it just "milk"/"bread" not "the milk"/"the bread"?


In Italian it's common to use the word for a material without the article, while in English we don't do that. So "We drink milk" is a good translation. You would say "We drink the milk" in English only if you had some particular milk in mind.


The proper translation is the milk. However I imagine after many complaints on the topic, the staff gave some slack and allowed us to drop the article from time to time.


Except I've been marked wrong for excluding the definite article, and I don't understand why.


Was it the correct article?


I'm pretty sure. I'm less concerned about the marking and more concerned about knowing the correct form: the definite article is only necessary if you are referring to a specific instance? This sentence should translate as, 'We drink the milk', referring to a specific volume of milk. If I wanted to say that I drink milk in general then I could say, 'Bevo latte'? Is that correct?


Most Russians think that latte means latte in Italian. ))


"il" is not audible I this example


Apparently in italy, lattes (like the ones you can get today in other countries) were for kids. And it was just milk with a tiny shot of your mums milk. Thats why some lattes are really milky and in glasses. (This is just what I was told)


well that is very very weird...


Caffè latte is 1/3 espresso with 2/3 steamed milk with foam. Latte is milk. Outside Italy we are so lazy (or stupid) to call "caffè latte" just "latte". I don't like latte (milk) nor caffè latte, please give my an espresso.


So, beginner of Italian put "We drink the latte" because she didn't check the word to find it means milk... XD Funniest thing to happen to me on DuoLingo


I was not confused. I answerd a phone call.

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