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List of things Duo is working on

Hi Duolingo team an users,

I have seen a lot of interesting suggestions on the discussions page with comments from the duolingo team that they are "working on this". However, some of these "working on this comments" are a few weeks/month old and it is hard to tell when a feature is likely to come. Of course the Duo-team cannot update comments to each of these questions. Here is an idea. I hope it was not posted before: Provide a list of things duo is working on/planning to work on in the future.

Apart from the fact that it might save the duo team time to NOT have to answer "working on this" to all the new threads (some questions seem to repeat quiet frequently), it might also reduce the amount of double-posting of questions. I was thinking of something like this:

"making it possible for community members to add languages themselves" - planned: yes/no - likely date to be implemented: December of 20xx

"Vocabulary list export function" -planned?; yes/no - likely date of completion... etc.

NOTE: these two are just examples I picked, I have no idea whether duolingo is working on both of them and what the time frame is.

Maybe something like this could be part of an FAQ thread, or pinned on top of the discussion page....

Just an idea. I would definitely check this frequently.

August 20, 2013



The lack of a FAQ-page is one of the deepest mysteries of duolingo.


Hi PatrikH - better help is on the way. It will not remain a mystery for much longer.


Thanks for posting this thread! You bring up a lot of great points. Adding stickies to the forum would help. So, we do make a huge effort to announce what we're testing, feature releases, and exciting projects we're in the process of developing in the forum. We read the comments and posts in the forum every day and take note of feature requests that seem popular or something we should integrate into Duolingo. When we say we're working on it we do mean that :) Unfortunately, sometimes plans change. We're a small team working to make the best language learning site and app out there in the world and we're constantly improving upon what we have. We like to be transparent. We have plans to for example to share where we are at with the project that will allow community members to add languages soon... :)


Thanks kristinemc! I really appreciate all the work you do - and totally understand how much effort duolingo must take, and how hard it is to give an advance timeline. Languages are extremely complex, and what seem to be a simple "add on" to the site will often turn out to be a lot of work if it is to be done properly. I am sure most of us are happy to wait for a few more weeks or month for a project that needs a final polish up - a few more weeks might safe tons of time otherwise needed for later fixes. For me, one of the reasons that I love duolingo so much is that you are so careful about the quality of this site :) You can see how much love and detail is put into everything. You are already the most amazing site out there! By far! Thanks for all your hard work and your constant replies to our (often repetitive) questions!


Thank you! It's an incredible community to be a part of :)


Just wanted to let you know that you're doing an incredible job! :)


You already did a great job, thanks!


I think the problem is that you only get the announcements if you are actively following Duolingo like a hawk (bad choice of words, sorry Duo...)

I have absolutely no doubt that you are all working very hard, but unfortunately the average passer by doesn't get the same dose of information that us rabid fans have absorbed. There Sorely Sorely needs to be a 'New poster? Check the FAQ!' type of thread, so that the forums aren't drowned in the same recurring questions over and over again... I know it is hard to do, but waste a morning on it, I bet you'll all feel better :)


It used to be that you could go to reddit's duolingo section and see a fairly recent list of things Duo is working on, but the ama that is attached to the duolingo section is dated.... 2012.

However, Luis von Ahn did do an AMA 2 months ago http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fa3nu/iama_scientist_and_entrepreneur_named_luis_von/ This AMA is not as well organized as the first, but it full of wonderful tidbits from the CEO of Duolingo.

Here's the old AMA http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/y914v/luis_von_ahn_ama_aug_14_2012_summary/ Apparently, a reddit user named VOIDhand summarized the AMA which is why the old one is so much better organized.

Anyways, I'm a neophyte to Reddit, but apparently, someone on the forum here a long time ago mentioned how a lot of the new Duolingo stuff is mentioned on Reddit first which is why I've started to keep an eye on Reddit.


This is a cool idea! I personally spend almost as much time reading discussions on new progress and suggested features as I do learning German. It would be cool to have a discussion tab specifically for this so we can all look at the new progress and recently suggested features.


I agree with you FrankySka. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if Duolingo put some kind of whiteboard on page.(Pictures of owl included of course:D) You could write what you are working on, we would know what expect.


Even if some of them didn't have an "expected completion" it would be good, so if they don't really know we can understand how they stand.


Ability to add languages would be fantastic idea! Thank you!



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