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Sorely missing a proper overview page for available language courses

I wanted to recommend Duolingo to some Spanish speaking friends, but I suddenly realized I had no idea whether Duolingo offered English-Spanish lessons akin to the Spanish-English lessons I'm currently taking.

In the end I didn't find the answer on Duolingo. Instead, Wikipedia came to the rescue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo

But Duolingo really ought to have a proper overview of your available language courses.

August 20, 2013



Well actually, when you sign up, you have to choose what language you want to learn and all the languages they teach show up.


Problem is, that page is hidden away inside the sign-up process, when it really should be a universally accessible page, whether you're a guest, in-registration or already logged in.

Duolingo doesn't have a good info page that explains "You can learn any one of these languages, provided you know one of these other languages."

It should show the following with better visuals:

English to other languagues:

  • English -> Spanish
  • English -> French
  • English -> German
  • English -> Portugese
  • English -> Italian

Other languages to English:

  • Spanish -> English
  • French -> English
  • German -> English
  • Portugese -> English
  • Italian -> English


I guess it should be added to the "help" page but I think it is already pretty obvious.


When we had a discussion about the fact that us who learn other languages through English don't have any link to discussions of English learners, and Davu posted links to those discussion (in the link below), I actually realised that there is no section for German -> English. I checked the profile page and there is no "I am German and would like to learn English" option, therefore I think there are no English lessons for German native speakers, no idea why though (might be I'm missing something).

http://www.duolingo.com/comment/697453 --> link to the previous discussion

That being said, this site could really use a universally accessible list of what's possible to learn here, just as you've mentioned.


Hmm...that's very interesting...I don't understand why they wouldn't teach Germans English...


I think erlend_sh has a point. If he wasn't sure that Duolingo had a Spanish -> English section, then, that's a problem when in fact, Duolingo has a robust Spanish -> English section.

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