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"You have a mouse, is that so? No."

Translation:Tá luch agat, an ea? Ní hea.

February 26, 2015



Would the answer to just Tá luch agat? be níl?


However, you're not answering Tá luch agat?. You're answering the question an ea?, so you use the copula.

However, I think it'd be better phrased as Tá luch agat, nach bhfuil? - You have a mouse, don't you?


So is "Is ea" the like saying "it is so?"


Just "it is", when responding to a question that uses the copula:
"Is that for me? It is" - An domsa é sin? Is ea
"Is that a mouse? It isn't" - An luch é sin? Ní hea.

But if you are not using the copula to form the question, then you don't use is ea:
"is it still raining? It is" - An bhfuil sé ag cur báistí fós? - Tá
"Is this seat free? It isn't" - An bhfuil an suíochán seo saor? Níl

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