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"Den venstre sko er anderledes."

Translation:The left shoe is different.

February 26, 2015



When left is different.. doesn't it mean that also right it's different? :)


Lol, I missed the s off of shoe accidentally...


Always the left... XD


Can this be translated to forskellige instead of anderledes? Or are they trying to make the point that the left shoe is actually a child that is clinging to their foot or something else strange like that?


Yes you could use forskellige, if the shoes were the same type/style, but looked different (e.g. color, size, material). For example, this person has Converse shoes on, but one is black and the other is red.

Here it's more like this person has a sneaker on their right foot and a boot on their left. Or Converse on one foot and Adidas on the other.

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