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"Operationen plejede at tage otte timer."

Translation:The operation used to take eight hours.

February 26, 2015



Why is it 'took', not 'takes'? In English you would only really use 'took' if you were talking about an operation that no longer happens anymore, you would use 'takes' if the operation was something that still occurs. Instinctively, the sentence sounds a bit odd to my native English ears :)


It is referring to something in the past, that is no longer happening. Plejede is the past tense of "at pleje


I see. Thanks for your help


Plejer and Plejede sound same to me. I cannot hear the difference.


Try listening to the words on Forvo.com. I have a hard time with the robot, but I can hear two syllables for plejer and three for plejede when a human pronounces them.

I also notice that the three syllables in plejede are more prominent in the normal speed version of the Duo sentence than they are at skildpadde speed.

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