"De röda vinerna är dyra."

Translation:The red wines are expensive.

February 26, 2015

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So, "red wine" is only one word in the singular form, but it gets split in two words in the plural form... Nice :D


Afraid it's not that easy. :)

You could say "Rödvinerna är dyra" as well. And for singular, you could say "Det röda vinet är dyrt". It doesn't matter for the eventual semantic meaning, but it's a technical difference, kind of like the difference between "the red wines are expensive" (where red wines is a compound noun), and "the wines, which are red, are expensive".

Edit: Or maybe that actually makes it easier. Who knows? :p


So, ''rödvinet'' is a wine made with red grapes, whereas ''det röda vinet'' is only a wine that looks red ?


Yes. I mean, "det röda vinet" could be any wine that happens to be red, but it almost exclusively refers to a wine made with red grapes. :)


Language and viticulture in one discussion. Tack!


It sounds like the voice is saying "dom röda vinerna"; I know this is how the third person plural pronoun is pronounced, but is this also true of the definite article?

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Yes, "De" should always be pronounced "dom".


Så det heter "rött vin" eller "rödvin"! When we compose up a noun of adjective and noun we should always use "en" words adjectives... I had thought red wine called "röttvin" :D Btw I'm not native english speaker so excuse my missed up sentences... I'm using swedish course for english speakers to learn both :D


difficult not to try to translate dyra to "dry" in this sentence


In case anyone is wondering, "dry" in this case would translate to "torra".


Do you have to buy it at the systembolag or can you find it at the supermarket yet?


Bolaget only. They opened the market for public transport and other more important services where companies provide poor quality but ohno the alcohol must still be a monopoly /rant


Red wine and red wines are interchangeable in English, as wine is both countable and uncountable.


I don't think they're interchangeable from a grammar standpoint however. "The red wines" are plural and "the red wine" is not.


How would you say "these red wines are expensive"?


De här rödvinerna är dyra


I never perceived a price difference based on type of grape. There are so many wines that the brand accounts for 99.99% of the perceived price difference


It's just an example sentence - don't read too much into it. Maybe it's at a restaurant that only offers expensive red wine and cheap white wine?


I want to make sure I have this correct: ett vin, vinet, flera viner, vinerna ? Why is it half -en and half -ett?


Exactly! Is this a special category of nouns?

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