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"De orange banker er i hans region."

Translation:The orange banks are in his region.

February 26, 2015



This is referring to money type banks correct? Not land or sand dune banks. Having islands in the same lesson has made me wonder.


For 99% of danes it would be about money banks, but for danish fishermen it could be about shoals or sandbanks. A land dune is a "klit" or "mile" or "vandreklit".


I'm confused about the word 'de'. Is it only used as 'the' if there's an adjective in front of the noun or...? Why is it not "Orange bankerne er i hans region"?


"De" precedes "orange banker" because the definite object moves to the front when there is an adjective. I remember seeing this in the notes for adjective1. "De" appears rather than Den or Det because it is the plural of bank.

"Orange banker" would make sense for ING if this was a Dutch lesson...


Can "en bank" also be something to sit on in the park?


a bank = en bank
a bench = en bænk


What the heck is an orange bank? It's hard enough trying to learn a language without using colloquial references. If you insist on doing so at least explain the term.


It's where they store their oranges for later.


No, it means the colour orange


I think that it is a typical Duolingo nonsense sentence :)


It means s bank that is the colour orange. If you thought it meant the fruit, that would be applesin bank


Tangerine is an online bank with orange as a theme. It is what I thought of when I read this sentence.


A Dutch bank, perhaps?


The male speaker is TERRIBLE. It's like he's going out of his way to rush through and mangle things and make it as difficult as possible to understand. The female speaker at least enunciates, most of the time.

I have been studying Danish on another source and at least the speakers there don't appear to literally try to make things as difficult as possible to hear and understand.

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