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Difference between European and Brazillian Portuguese

I want to learn portuguese and other languages to add to my job skills (alot of people in my industry speak english as a second language) My family is from Portugal so I thought it would be best to learn the language but everything is brazillian portuguese. I guess my question is... is there much difference to the two? if I continue to learn brazillian and pick up a couple european books will that be ok?

August 20, 2013



I'm a native brazilian portuguese speaker, and my grandparents are from Portugal and have european accent. There are some different words and some people here in Brazil don't understand well what portuguese people say, but it's related to the accent, not to the grammar or vocabulary. I growed up living with my grandparents, so for me it's not so difficult to understand them. I belive that european is the most different accent of all other portuguese speaker countries, but if you learn the brazilian portuguese you will understand them almost at all. Maybe you should focus on what you are intending to do and depending on where you live. As a brazilian, I recommend you brazilian portuguese, and like you said, it's more spoken than the european portuguese... :)


Yes, there are some differences like American vs British English, but not so many... some words and some grammar rules.As for the accent, in general, almost all portuguese speakers prefer Portuguese from Brazil...

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