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Μετάφραση:Εμείς θα γραφτούμε.

February 26, 2015

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Please why not the future simple?

February 26, 2015


The θα γραφτούμε form is future simple. The future continuous form is θα γραφόμαστε. :)

February 26, 2015


Many thanks Panagiotists, I thought it was declined like γράφω! Ι live and learn thanks to you and other generous helpers.

February 26, 2015


It the so called self reflexive voice (the energy returns to the subject, right).

I write myself to the list Γράφομαι στον κατάλογο




Θα γράφομαι extinct as you can always say Θα γραφτώ etc...

The other type of the same word is : εγγράφομαι (sounds more official). From the same root are coming the words:

εγγραφή, εγγεγραμένος κλπ..

February 26, 2015


Thank you Glavko, your explanations are always so clear and helpful, it makes me think that I might one day grasp the essentials!

February 26, 2015


το γραφω εδω γιατι κατι δεν παει καλα..... he will sleep in the room with her =θα κοιμηθει στο δωματιο μ'αυτην .....γιατι το βγαζει λαθος?

April 26, 2017


i am sorry, I made α mistake the simple future is formed from the stem of Αόριστος and the endings of the present tense

October 3, 2017
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