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  5. "We had given you food."

"We had given you food."

Translation:Nós tínhamos dado comida a você.

August 20, 2013



my translation "nós lhe tínhamos dado comida." was rejected, but I'm not sure that it was wrong. "a você" for the indirect object seems strange.


"nós tínhamos lhe dado comida" sounds more natural!


Para voce worked for me here. What would be more common to use in Sao Paulo - a voce, or para voce, or lhe, or te?


probably "para" or its short "pra".


;) só uma pergunta: por que São Paulo?


Well I would like to learn the SP dialect as I assume it would be the most widely spoken in Brazil, being the biggest city, and I'm also curious how it differs to other regions.


que legal!!! Amo o sotaque de São Paulo. Além do mais, é um sotaque limpo, claro, então será fácil de aprender por ele =) (sidenote: Brazil: population - about 200 million people. São Paulo state: about 50 million. São Paulo city: 21 million) Bons estudos...

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