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New model in Translation

I like the new way of rating translations.

December 5, 2012



Glad you like it!


Yeah, I guess I like it too. I was concerned at first, because, from my experience with the old system, I expect there will often be times when all three offered translations are simply no good (typically this happens when an unrecognized idiom is used in the original, or the original is making a cultural reference or something similar that many people misunderstand). At first I thought maybe there should be some way to indicate that none of the translations were good. But it did finally dawn on me, that in such an instance, I can try to pick the best of the worst (if such exists) and then edit it heavily before finally submitting the result. I think that's going to work out pretty well.

Now, when might we get a per-sentence comment section where we can explain why we've translated something a particular way or point out obscure references or idioms (if we know them... which I often do not) as a head's up for other people working on the same material?


I think I like it :) Only tried a little bit of translating, but it seems more encouraging than the previous format.

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I find the new rating system better than the old one. And the way to edit translations will hopefully help to improve the total quality of translated sentences. One minor bug I came across: after translating a sentence and being offered 3 sentences to decide on the "best" translation, I found my own sentence in this group of three... I am sure this can be fixed :-)


What if all three translations suck? I want a fourth option: "All of the above translations are bad. Pick mine."


I know how you feel, Christian. I was hoping for that forth option too. At least in your case, there's no question that you absolutely understand the German and can write the English. :-)

My own situation is somewhat different. My German sucks, and I can only deliver a decent translation after a lot of research and hard work. I'm hoping the ability to edit the "best" of three crappy translations (up to including totally replacing it with something more reasonable) will perform about the same function as the forth option though. Time will tell I guess.


Yes, this looks much more promising.

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