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Strengthening skills does not earn 10XP?

Hello all,

My students have been earning less than 10XP for strengthening skills. They have a weekly XP quota to fill for me, and I would like to encourage them to strengthen their skills. Earning fewer XP for the same amount of work is not the best motivator... Can anyone tell me why this has changed?

February 26, 2015



This was because they want to encourage people to push ahead rather than focus on past skills (which I - and many others - strongly disagree with)

Here is a link to Luis's explanation https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7124545

You will notice that this isn't a very popular change, and the top comment saying why it's a bad thing has over 10 times more upvotes than the original post from Luis.


Thanks for the reply, and the link!


It's strange.

Because for me when I strengthen my skill, i get 10 exp.


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