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Choice of Wikipedia's pages to translate


I wonder what are the rules to accept a Wikipedia's page to be translated ? Because there are some for which I don't see the interest since the page in the "final"-language (the one that we're ask to translate to) is already well developped in Wikipedia and frequently much more developped than the "original"-language (the one that we're ask to translate from) page which sometimes seems to be a translation from the "final" one.

For example, this asked translation of the Spanish Wikipedia's page of Brandon Lee (http://www.duolingo.com/translation/dad2ecdb902adbfd8a53778a101f688f) to english don't seem really useful to help translating the internet since the english page already exists and is more complete than the spanish one.

I think the translation of Wikipedia should be focused on page that doesn't exists in the "final"-language or when page is really poor compared to the "original"-language one.

August 20, 2013



Users submit translations themselves, so probably someone was just interested in the topic and wanted to read about and simultaneously practice spanish (rather than read the english article). If there are articles you are interested in, you should submit them and translate them yourself!


Yes but if it was this reason (wanting to read this interesting topic in spanish) why didn't he went to read the wikipedia spanish version? Which is quite as well supplied ?

Yes, for some spanish pages that doesn't exist on the wikipedia in spanish (or are very poor), I already did it ;)

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