"My cousin is singing."

Translation:Min kusin sjunger.

February 26, 2015

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Can someone please just make a clear difference between Min and Mina and all the other variations if there are any?


"Min" is for "En" words, like "En bok" -> "A book" - "Min bok" -> "My book".

"Mitt" is for "Ett" words, like "Ett hus" -> "A house" - "Mitt hus" -> "My house"

"Mina" is plural, and doesn't change based on noun gender.

"Mina böcker" -> "My books"

"Mina hus" -> "My houses"

The same rules apply to "Vår/Vårt/Våra" -> "Our"

"Din/Ditt/Dina" -> "Your (singular)"

"Er/Ert/Era" -> "Your (plural)"


So unlike Norwegian, you can't put the possessive after the noun in Swedish, in other words 'bilen min' for example, in Norwegian means my car, but would it also work in Swedish, or is the language restricted to saying 'min bil' only?


Yes, you are right, it is only "min bil", unlike Norwegian.

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